AccruHealth focuses primarily on the health care sector, a large and growing part of our economy. The growth in demand comes in part from medical advances that can dramatically improve lives. Behind every medical advance there is a highly innovative health care company. But in today’s cost-conscious health care environment it takes more than just a good product to be successful. The product needs to deliver better treatment at better cost for the business to succeed. These are the kinds of compa¬≠nies we seek for our portfolios.

A new product must work well for the patient, but that is not enough to be3Ps successful. In health care, a compa¬≠ny must have a solution that benefits the provider (such as the doctor or nurse) and the payer (usually a private insurer or Medicare/Medicaid) as well. While the patient is the consumer, generally the provider makes most of the purchases and the payer pays most of the bills. Companies must provide solutions that make sense for all three P’s (patient, provider and payer) or success is unlikely.

We seek to invest in companies that will change health care. These companies are using innovative new products to provide better medicine at a better cost.

Additional information about the AccruHealth strategy is disclosed in our Form ADV.

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